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    Revolutionary genealogy


      There are many records available online for Revolutionary ancestors, especially American soldiers. But I am wondering if there are are records in US archives (online or not) which might mention those who left to settle in Canada? (Specifically from Connecticut).


      My ancestors went to Canada from Connecticut c. 1789, not as soldier but as settlers.


      I have a number of items from Canadian archives. While the patriarch petitioned for and received land when he arrived, describing himself as a man who "has always been attached to the British Gov’t” , he was later "expunged" from the Loyalist list. From a letter to the Land Board, he appears to have travelled with or been associated with some men, two of which are mentioned in the ‘Sketches and Chronicles of the town of Litchfield Connecticut’, having been assessed in 1782 for sons “gone to the enemy”. Another name in this letter was described in the book as someone who “took off to join the ministerial army” and a further man appears to have returned to Connecticut and supported the formation of an Episcopalian society in 1797.


      Many thanks!