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    Seeking information about WWII prisoners of war

    Elena Ion Newbie

      Hello!  I am searching for information about prisoners of war in WWII. I am writing my master's degree based on this subject and I need all the information I could get, if you could please help me.


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          Sabine Gorgas Wayfarer

          Hello Elena,

          it would help when you would give a little more information or information about the focus of your work. Do you mean  Americans and their allies being POW's or do you mean Germans and their allies being POW's? Do you write about POW's in general or are you looking for  individual stories? Do you write about the camps they had here in the US or do you want to write about the camps in Europe and Russia? Both of my grandfathers were POW's. One spent a year in a British Camp in Belgium (came back in 1946) and the other one spent 4 years in a Russian Camp and returned in 1949. Although both being POW camps, they were in the the end and outcome critically different. While the POW's from American or British camp returned mostly alive, prisoners in the Russian camps starved to death, died from exhaustion and diseases. And the camps the Germans had all over Europe during WWII were another story too.


          There are several books available about all kinds of camps I could name. Many POW's (Germans, Italians, Japanes etc.) are buried on the National Cemeteries all over the US. Stories and names can be found, for example, here



          Will be glad to help.


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              Elena Ion Newbie

              Hello Sabine,

              First of all, I want to thank you for your information. It is helpful. Especially your grandfathers' stories. I certainly want to know more about that.

              Secondly, I am reffering to both Americans and their allies being POW's and Germans and their allies being POW's. I am also analyzing the differences between Allied POW camps and Axis POW camps. That is why I could't narrow my description. One chapter in my master's degree will be about POWs in general and IHL and another chapter will be about specific camps (for example german/american/soviet/italian camps) and how they treated their prisoners. It would be great if you could give me more information from your grandfathers' stories, because we (Romanians) also had prisoners in those camps.

              I am grateful for your help.


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              Lisa Sharik Adventurer

              Ms. Ion:

              Your question is so broad that respondents are unlikely to be able to assist. If you could narrow it down.

              US POW's or foreign prisoners held on US soil?

              If US POW's then those held by Germans? or Japanese? or other Axis powers?

              what specifically about POW's ? their treatment? access to food? numbers?


              If you could give more specific information then those of us who post are more likely to be able to assist and point you in the right direction.




              Lisa Sharik

              Deputy Director

              Texas Military Forces Museum

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                Karen Caverly Molineaux Newbie

                I am doing my Master's Thesis on WWII Submarine warfare in the Pacific...specifically, the USS Tang. The Tang was the only sub to have sank in which there were 9 survivors. All were picked up in the Formosa Strait off the coast of China by the Japanese, and were subsequently taken POW.


                Three books written on the Tang that would be very helpful are:


                "Clear the Bridge!: The War Patrols of the USS Tang", by RAdm. Richard H. O'Kane, ISBN: 9780891415732


                "Escape from the Deep: A True Story of Courage and Survival During Wold War II", by Alex Kershaw, ISBN: 9780306817908


                "The War Below: The Story of Three Submarines that Battled Japan", by James Scott, ISBN: 9781439176849


                There is also an oral history account from one of the USS Tang's surviving crew members online, done by Thomas Sayler from Concordia University, St. Paul. It is located at: https://digitalcommons.csp.edu/oral-history_ww2/15/


                There are a bunch of secondary sources, but these are some of the primary sources I recommend. As of note, the oral history account is from Floyd Caverly, my father's first cousin - I miss him dearly.


                Hope this helps! Good luck with your thesis, and let me know if I can be of other help.


                P.S. I also live about 25 miles from Tulelake Segregation Center, where they sent Japanese Americans...right up the road from that is Camp Tulelake, a German POW camp in Tulelake, CA. Not sure if that's a direction you want to go in, but I would be able to find significant primary sources on that, too!