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    Who was William Tillinghast?

    Jerold McCartney Newbie

      A man named William Tillinghast, was reported in The Yorkville Enquirer, Oct. 17 1861, to have been killed during military action at Santa Rosa Island on Oct. 9, 1861. It indicated he had some connection with the Florida Regiment. This Name is the exact Name of my 2nd Great Grandfather, who disappeared from research about this time. Does anybody know of connections I can make to discover the identity of this William Tillinghast?

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          Alice Lane Tracker

          Hi Jerold,

          Welcome to History Hub


          Can you provide any additional information about your William Tillinghast, possible birthplace, birthyear, residence, military.


          Thank you


          Alice Lane

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            Elliot Schneider Pioneer

            Mr. McCartney,


            There was not a William Tillinghast that was killed at Santa Rosa Island in 1861, however there was a Henry A. Tillinghast with the 1st Florida Vols Regiment, Co. A . Please see document below he is listed #6 on the list.



            If you are looking for William Tillinghast there are two individuals that I see one served in Massachusetts Regiment and another in Rhode Island Regiment. Do you know were William was born and where he was born?




            Hope this helps,


            Elliot Schneider

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              Alice Lane Tracker

              Hi again Jerold,

              Found Henry Tillinghast that Elliot mentioned on findagrave.com

              also listed are others who died at the Battle of Santa Rosa Island



              Henry A Tillinghast (1836-1861) - Find A Grave Memorial

              Picture of  Henry A Tillinghast

              Alice Lane

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                  Jerold McCartney Newbie

                  I could tell you a lot about the William J. Tillinghast, I am searching for.

                  I believe He was born in Rhode Island in 1827, to William I Tillinghast & Mary Updike of Providence RI.

                  He came to the area that became Kansas in 1854 with his wife Jane. M.

                  Among other things he was appointed by the President, to serve on a special committee to investigate and report on the troubles in Kansas.

                  His only son, William Monk Tillinghast, was born to Jane and himself there at Osage County Ks., in 1858.

                  As things began to grow worse, before the beginning of the Civil War sometime, His wife and son were moved back into the  safety of R.I.

                  The BUEAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT document #55037 lists the Authority as being March 3, 1855: .ScriptWarrent Act of 1855 (10 Stat. 701)

                  Militia: Captain Frys Company Rhode Island Militia.

                  Accession Nr:MW-0405-067

                  Document Type: MilitaryWarrant

                  State: Kansas

                  Issue date 6/1/1860

                  Names on the Document; Tillinghast, Wiliam J., ROUSMANIERE, ELIZABETH, ROUSMANIERE, LEWIS

                  The complete legal description, and map location are on this document.

                  The Original URL is listed as http;//glorecords.blm.gov/deta

                  I have  no idea if this document represents a Government Agreement with Soldiers to make previsions for the Purchase of land in Kansas or not but if that is the case William must have belonged to a Company in RI.

                  I have seen pension requests from about this time, from a Jane M. Tillinghast recording Pension Assistance for a John Tillinghast, (which was William John's middle name) but because they seemed unrelated I didn't know how to check them out.

                  Could some kind of a cross reference check be made between the William Tillinghast, killed at Santa Rosa, and the recipient of his pension payments?

                  Although the record I received, that was believed to be a list of those killed and injured at Santa Rosa, not one of those listed in the Newspaper Article appear among them.

                  I am going to try to send you a complete copy of this news article.

                  For some reason, I can't seem to copy this article and paste it in for you, however I will type the last part of this article so you can see what it is I'm seeking to resolve.

                  The Florida regiment reports as follows: Killed, Tom Bond, Jas. Hale, Wm. Tillinghast.  Wounded, William Deuham,  James Rekles, Thos. M. Sellier, and Sims.  Prisoners, Lieut  Farley,  Ben. Parkers.  Mark Sarvis, J. H. Holeyman Godlin.

                  Something is out of place with this information but I don,t know how to determine which is correct.mation

                  This Wm. Tillinghast is the only one I care about being correct.  I would like to know what happened to my Great, Great Grandfather, and where his grave is.

                  Maybe with this additional information you can come up with some leads on where additionally I can look.

                  Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

                  Jerold McCartney

                  NOTE: The original reported  birth date for this William J. Tillinghast has been corrected to be 1827 rather than 1810. I don't know how I made such an error, but the rest of the information about his connection with Kansas is documented via Census and other records.  The whole search effort began when my Grandfather had no record of where his own father was born, and used Rhode Island on his application for a birth certificate that he didn't have.  I spent hundreds of hours, searching for them in Rhode Island, when they no longer lived there when William Monk was born in 1858,

                  I'm so grateful  for all your efforts to help me locate where my GGGrandfather died and where his grave is, but I'll probably never know.

                  Thanks again, so much for such great effort,

                  Jerold McCartney

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                      Elliot Schneider Pioneer

                      Hello, Jerold,


                      I have reviewed that land management record it states that LEWIS ROUSMANIER was a PVT in Capt Frys Rohde Island Militia during the war of 1812 and his Wife ELIZABETH ROUSMANIER looks like she had granted or assigned said land to William J. Talllinghast. This dose not mean William was in the war this document states he was granted and assigned land by the following individuals. So  William J. Tallinghast was probally just looking to obtain some land in that area that the ROUSMANIERs owned, and dose not mean William J. Tallinghast served in the military


                      Here is Lewis Rousmanier War Index for War of 1812




                      You mentioned a John Tillinghast that you had a pension for a Jane? I found a John J. Tillinghast dont think thats your guy.




                      Wiiliam I. Tillinghast and Mary found this death certificate not sure if this is William J. Tillinghast mother





                      Looked into William Monk Tiillinghast who was child to Jane Tillinghast here is the 1870 census showing them in Rhode Island. William Monk Tillinghast and his wife Anna Snyder had a child born in Iowa named William Isaac Tillinghast. But what I find weird about this is that it states William Monk Tillinghast was born in RI instead of Kansas on the birth record of his son.





                      The document that was provided too you was direct from the National Archives and is a list of the men that were killed and wounded, or became POWs.


                      The document is actually 5 pages long but the only person of interest for you was a Tillinghast and in this case is name was Henry on the document. I did not see any other Tillinghast on this document. Not sure why news article stated William but it may have been in error.


                      All the other men listed in that article from  "The Yorkville Enquirer, Oct. 17 1861" are correct I have went over the other 4 pages. All these men listed were from the Florida 1st Vol's the only discrepancies are of the individual with last name Tillinghast he is listed as Co A. 1st Florida Vol's. There were no other Tillinghast on these documents. Plus it seems that the William J. Tillinghast you mention did not serve in the 1st Florida Vol's but in Rohde Island.



                      Tried looking at the Henry A. Tillinghast and all his records are consistant with the individual who enlisted and died in Santa Rosa Island. Please see below.








                      Here are some additional Tillinghast below from Rohde Island





                      William W. Tillinghast:








                      Charles Tilinghast:



                      William C. Tillinghast:





                      Hope this helps,


                      Elliot Schneider

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                    Alice Lane Tracker


                    Found a few items for you.

                    I am having trouble with that 1810 birthdate for your William, if he was at Santa Rosa in 1861 he would have been 51 years old??


                    Search for Civil War Soldiers

                    Search For Soldiers - The Civil War (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)


                    Possible William L and Mary Tillingha

                    William I. Tillinghast in entry for Mary Tillinghast, "Rhode Island, Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records, 1630-1945" — FamilySearch.org


                    Jane and son in 1870 Census

                    Jane Tillinghast, "United States Census, 1870" (familysearch.org)

                    Jane Tillinghast a widow in 1880 Census

                    Wheaton Cole, "United States Census, 1880" (familysearch.org)


                    Alice Lane