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    Seeking status on requests & updating awards, award abbreviations & information on DD-214

    Ursula Garcia Newbie

      Hello. I need to check the status of 2 service request numbers that I placed several months ago (2-24295834975 and 2-24590345705).  I have been checking the “check status” service request online every single day and it’s the same information. My father whom is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran passed away from prostate cancer which was linked to Agent Orange.  I also wanted to see what the process is for updating my father’s awards on his DD-214. There seems to be a few awards missing. I’d like to give my father honors he deserves. Also, on another note, I came across one of his military records with some abbreviation that I cannot understand.  I have spent countless days researching but have been unsuccessful. If you look at the picture I attached, the last award listed is not legible. The front of this document states that this is form USACDCEC form 0045 (WS) and Rev 5 May 69. The title of this form is CDCEC-AG-PR, Subject: Enlisted Personnel Data.  I also noticed that the careless person who filled out this form, transposed my father’s social security number.. perhaps that may also be the reason why most of his awards aren’t listed on his DD-214. I appreciate any help you can provide me with.



      USACDCEC Form 0045