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    Seeking Company or Platoon of 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment

    sam harris Newbie

      Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for your help on this problem. I have a SSgt/TSgt from 501st PIR 2nd Bn (Haskell Meyer Liberman, ASN 31186895) regarding whom I am looking to learn the company and platoon.  I suspect that he was part of 2nd Bn HQ. Reason is that I am trying to find the C-47 of the 441st Troop Carrier Group (I know - haystack, meet needle). To make a model of that aircraft (on 6 June 44) as a gift for TSgt Liberman's son. I have a lead (https:www.afhra.af.mil) that may help me determine the wing/squadron (at least) but first I need to find out what Platoon he was in so I can refine the solution. Any information or counsel that you can supply will be much appreciated.