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    Seeking Operational Order 25 for the Korea War

    terry want Newbie

      Hello, How can I find the military operational orders (aka OpO or OPORDs) for the Korea War?  I am specifically looking for Operational Order 25; an author claimed it was declassified in 1979. Korean War veteran Mr. Ray Vallowe in his book, "What History Failed to Record Task Force MacLean & Faith  Chosin Reservoir A Phantom Force - Lost to History," cites "Operational Order 25" several times. Ray Vallowe cites "operational order 25," in regards to orders given to the US military units during the withdrawal from the Chosin Reservoir. Mr.  Vallowe references the record as "Operational Order 25" or "OpO 25." It is possible the record could also be referenced as "OPORD 25." Does anyone have any good advice on how I might find this record, as well as operational orders 23 and 24? Thank you.