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    Seeking meaning of occupation is listed as 'Demonstrator'

    Natalie Glines Wayfarer

      I have a question about the occupation of Catherine in 1915: Katherine/Catherine Priscilla Rennie was living with her siblings in 1915 on Willow Avenue, New Jersey. Her two sisters' occupations were listed as 'Film Workers' which I know is movies since I heard one of them moved to CA to work for MGM. One brother's occupation was listed as 'Painter'. Now, Catherine's occupation is listed as 'Demonstrator'. 1915, I think, is about the time of the Suffragette Movement? Is it possible that is what it means by 'Demonstrator', or maybe she was... a film demonstrator or something like that? I know she comes from a family where the mother spoke several languages and worked as a governess and might have believed in education and rights for women, but the parents might have been dead by 1915. Let me know if you have any ideas about her occupation! Thanks.