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    Seeking to obtain Civil War headstones

    Larisa Roderick Newbie

      I’ve obtained nearly 5 dozen military headstones for veterans discharged before 1917.  The VA Memorial Assistance office for pre-WWI veterans has told me that veterans whose graves have a privately-purchased marker are not qualified to receive a military headstone. What about veterans whose graves are unmarked in this cemetery, but whose names are inscribed on a marker in a different cemetery? For example: Civil War veteran John Doe died locally, was buried in this cemetery, & his grave here lacks a headstone.  I have documentation confirming the location of John Doe’s death & burial. However, before John Doe moved to this town, he had purchased a private headstone in a different cemetery in a different state, on which his name is inscribed. Can I obtain a military headstone for John Doe here in this cemetery, where he was actually buried & where his grave is unmarked?