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    Seeking records about Lt Roberto Brandini

    Luciano Fernandes Newbie

      I´m seeking information about allied POW in Italy, Feb-May 1945, Lt. Roberto Brandini 12th USAAF, 350FG, 1st Brazilian Fighter Squadron. Especially the Interrogation Report every pilot was submitted to after arriving from POW camps. I´m writing a biography about him, my relative! The P-47 piloted by Lt. Brandini (attached to the 350th FG) was hit by German FLAK and he bailed out near Ostiglia, Italy in Feb 10 1945. He was imprisoned by the German army and sent for treatment in a Hospital in a small town in Mantua, where a FLAK shrapnel was removed from his brain! After 5 weeks, he was sent to another hospital and POW camp in Verona (camp PG148, could be in Campagnola or Bussolengo). There, he met one US airman, crew of B-24 bomber Liberator, totally covered by plaster (broken limbs and legs), being cared by a Brit sergeant pilot. Later, they were transferred to another larger prison Hospital in Verona. By April 09, Germans moved to a POW camp in Mantua (likely the Dulag 339). They were kept there until April 17, and soon dispatched to the Villafranca air field, where he met more American airmen. In April 25, they headed north to Bruneck or Brunico, marching across Trento, Braxeu, and arrived in Bolzano by April 28. By early May 03, American troops arrived and liberated the POWs. Next day they were transferred to Villafranca airfield in trucks, and then to Florence by plane. Finally, If you have any information concerning the POWs in North Italy, I would be grateful!