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    Is your transcription box too small?  We need your feedback!

    Lauren Algee Tracker

      Hi volunteers!


      A few weeks ago, we made a design update to the By the People site which inadvertently made the transcription box smaller. We were able to quickly update, which resolved the issue for most of our users. However, some volunteers are still reporting their transcription box is too small. In order to figure out the solution, we need more information. If you are having this problem, please answer the questions below to help us improve the usability of the transcription box!


      If you think your transcription box is still too small, please comment with the following info:

      1. How many lines of text you are able to fit in the box
      2. What device you are using (for example, ipad or PC laptop)
      3. What browser you are using (for example, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)
      4. A screenshot of the transcription box as you see it (optional but extremely helpful!)


      Thank you!