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    Seeking records of 16th Infantry after the Civil War

    Lois Leveen Newbie

      I'm also researching a soldier who served in Company F of the 16th Infantry from 1866 to 1869; he served much (perhaps all) of that time in Georgia. And he definitely got into some trouble, at one point being demoted to Company Cook. I would love to find official correspondence about this incident, and Company F more broadly throughout the time he served.  Can you direct me to the postbellum/Reconstruction-era records for Co. F, 16th Infantry?  Then I can put those on my "when the pandemic ends, get thee to the archive in person" list as well. Thanks

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          J. Andrew Scout

          Could you please provide some more information, such as the name of the solider, his year birth if known, and which records you have already seen? Also, was he court martialed, or just demoted through administrative means?

          Since you are discussing peace time, I presume you mean the Regular Army regiment, not one of the many volunteer regiments.  According to the Center of Military History, the 16th Infantry Regiment didn't exist under that name during much of this time period. It was reorganized and redesignated 5 December 1866 as the 11th Infantry.  The 11th was latter consolidated 28 March - 6 April 1869 with the 34th Infantry and the consolidated unit was redesignated as the 16th Infantry.


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              Lois Leveen Newbie

              Excellent questions!


              The soldier was serving under the name John T. Denman; he had previously served during the Civil War under another name. The widow's pension claim filed after his death (see attached image) indicates he re-enlisted August 17, 1866 under the name Denman, serving a full term until August 1869. It lists Co. F, 16th US Infantry for his 1866-69 service (the wartime service was in several Kansas volunteer companies). I also have correspondence from BRFAL from 1866-68 that indicates Co. F, 16th US Infantry service, stationed in areas around Georgia. In one of these letters, Dec. 1867, a friend of his indicates he has been "reduced on false charges"; he had been serving in St Marys, GA at the time, but was apparently "sent away" before the other soldiers there were, presumably related to whatever his misconduct was.


              So, I don't know if there was a formal court martial; I'm guessing it was likely just administrative, but that is what I'm hoping to learn through any company documentation.


              (I have the full widow's pension file, but it documents only his Civil War service -- because that qualified the widow to receive the pension -- and the fact that the Civil War service performed under a different name was indeed done by the man who by 1866 was known as John T. Denman. In other words, it tells me nothing about his 1866-69 service aside from the fact that it happened.)


              Thanks for any help,


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                  Elliot Schneider Ranger



                  Just to Clarify you are reading the widows pension incorrectly the Denman is his last name not first name on the widows certificate showing him deceased at the top left. Just want to make sure because civil war can be confusing. John T. Denman is correct and the name under that is his other known alias was Hathaway D. Tippie.


                  When the record was created they knew his alias and that why you see both names on the widows pension. Here is what I want to show you that their is another pension card using his alias as Hathaway D. Tippie, please see document below. the aliases were reversed. I'm showing you an earlier pension record of your individual when he was still alive and who his wife was, Margaret J. Denman. Her maiden name was Margaret Josephine Francher she was from Alabama and that why you see his dead of Apr 23 1929 IN Birmingham, Alabama because this is where her family lived. (please click on the image to enlarge)


                  I can show that in 1870 census the two love birds were living with her parents in 1870 in Alabama.




                  Margaret J Denman

                  United States Census, 1870


                  Name:Margaret J Denman •
                  Event Type:Census
                  Event Date:1870 •
                  Event Place:Etowah, Alabama, United States •
                  Event Place (Original):Subdivision 42, Etowah, Alabama, United States
                  Birth Year (Estimated):1849
                  Birthplace:Alabama, United States •
                  Page Number:11









                  Calvin Francher




                  Alabama, United States


                  Sarah Francher




                  Alabama, United States


                  Nancy A Francher




                  Alabama, United States


                  John F Francher




                  Alabama, United States


                  Wm G Francher




                  Alabama, United States


                  Jno T Denman




                  Ohio, United States


                  Margaret J Denman




                  Alabama, United States





                  Hope this helps,


                  Elliot Schneider

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                      Lois Leveen Newbie

                      Dear Elliot,

                      Thank you for investing the time to craft this response.  Yes, I understood that John was the first name and Denman the surname. I've already thoroughly researched his life, and his family, both before and after the war (even visiting his son's grave!), so I'm sorry you've spent time repeating that research. My question at this time was specific to finding records regarding Co. F of the 16th Infantry during the period in which John T. Denman was in that Company. It appears Jason Atkinson may have addressed this question at length in a separate reply to my post, so I will follow up on his response.


                      Again, thank you for the time, and I'm sorry it was redundant to what I'd already undertaken.



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                      Elliot Schneider Ranger



                      Here is Josephine Margaret Fancher-Denman looks like over the year she went by Margaret as first name she was buried in Washington State. Looks like there is a family burial for the Denman Family near New Merkel.


                      Name:Josephine Margaret Denman
                      Event Date:15 Aug 1938
                      Event Place:Toppenish, Yakima, Washington
                      Age (Formatted):89 years 9 months 8 days
                      Birth Year (Estimated):1849
                      Marital Status:Married
                      Spouse's Name:John Denman
                      Father's Name:Calvin M. Fonchier
                      Mother's Name:Sarah A. Hammack



                      Name:Margaret Josephine Denman
                      Husband:John Denman

                      Other information in the record of John Denman

                      from Alabama Deaths, 1908-1974

                      Name:John Denman
                      Event Type:Death
                      Event Date:1929
                      Event Place:Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, United States
                      Event Place (Original):Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama
                      Birth Year (Estimated):1847
                      Burial Date:1929
                      Burial Place:Denman Family Cemetery Near New Merkel
                      Father's Name:John Denman
                      Mother's Name:Phoebe Denman
                      Spouse's Name:Margaret Josephine Denman



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                    Jason Atkinson Ranger

                    Dear Ms. Leveen,


                    Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


                    We searched the National Archives Catalog and located the series Enlistment Papers, 1798 - October 31, 1912 and Registers of Enlistments in the United States Army, 1798 - 1914 in the Records of the Adjutant General's Office (Record Group 94) that include records relating to the military service of enlisted personnel that served in the Regular Army.  The Enlistment Papers are not available online.  The Registers of Enlistments have been digitized and are available on Fold3 as Army Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914; on Ancestry as U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914; and on FamilySearch as United States Registers of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914. We are attaching digital images of the page with his name on it for him to the end of our reply. We cropped the page so that Denman is the last name listed on the copy we are providing. The register indicates that in addition to serving in F Company of the 16th Infantry Regiment, he also served in D Company of the 2nd Infantry Regiment.


                    Then, we located the Returns of Military Organizations, ca. 1800 - 12/1916 in Record Group 94 that includes at least two listings for him.  The first is the August 1866 returns of the 16th Infantry Regiment and lists him as having been gained by the unit on 25 August, 1866.  The second listing is on the August 1869 returns of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, and shows him being discharged from the unit on 17 August 1869 because his term of service expired. There may be additional listings indicating his transfer from the 16th Infantry to the 2nd Infantry sometime in between these two listings. The Returns for these regiments are available on Ancestry at U.S., Returns from Regular Army Infantry Regiments, 1821-1916.


                    We also located the Court Martial Case Files, 1894 - 1917 in the Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army) (Record Group 153) but we were unable to locate a file for him.

                    Next, we located 12 record series created by the 16th Infantry Regiment through 1866; 2 records series created by the 16th regiment with material relating to 186915 record series created by the 11th Infantry Regiment in the 1860s, and 7 record series relating to the 2nd Infantry Regiment during the 1860s in the Records of U.S. Regular Army Mobile Units (Record Group 391). These records have not been digitized and are not available online.

                    For more information about all these records listed above, please contact the National Archives at Washington, DC - Textual Reference (RDT1) via email at Archives1reference@nara.gov.


                    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuant to guidance received from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), NARA has adjusted its normal operations to balance the need of completing its mission-critical work while also adhering to the recommended social distancing for the safety of NARA staff. As a result of this re-prioritization of activities, you may experience a delay in receiving an initial acknowledgement as well as a substantive response to your reference request from RDT1. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience.


                    We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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                        Lois Leveen Newbie

                        Thanks so much, Jason.


                        I already had the Register of Enlistments you kindly shared, as well as other materials from Ancestry.


                        I appreciate you determining that there is nothing related to him in the Court Martial Case Files, 1894 - 1917 (I presume the title dates 1894-1917 refer to when the files were assembled and not when the cases themselves occurred, given his dates of service).


                        I suspect what I am looking for lies somewhere within the various series you kindly directed me to within RG 391.  I will tuck all these links someplace safe, and look forward to peruse the files once the pandemic has receded enough to make it possible to travel to and research within the National Archives in Washington DC.


                        This will be my first foray into NARA records that are not digitized, and you have done me a great service in helping me figure out where I need to look.


                        With great appreciation,