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    Seeking records of William Lyon & Military Bands

    Marsha Van Ham Wayfarer

      My grandfather (William Franklin Lyon b. 1893 d. 1966) enlisted in WWI in Mississippi.  He was in a Military Band, served in France and may have be injured in the war. Would there be any records of his service (Army, I think) that survived the fire? Additionally, I would like some general information on the following:

      1. What was the purpose of Military bands?

      2. What training did band members experience?

      3. What types of records would have been created for band members?

      4. Are there specific record groups for bands and band members?

      5. How did their responsibilities differ from other troop members?

      6. Are there any books/articles/groups/websites with information on this topic?


      Thank you for any help or direction you may be able to provide.