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    Seeking father's adoption records

    Gerry Banford Newbie

      Hi. I am researching the origin and original surname my father had prior to his adoption. He was adopted in or about the year 1919 by a Mr. William Banford who worked for Dominion Immigration at Prescott, Ontario during that time.  I have long ago lost all possible leads since Mr. W. Banford passed away in the 1940s. According to the only documents I have my dad was adopted along with another young boy whose name was Charles Rose. My dad has also passed away and so researching this is very difficult and would like to seek the assistance of someone hoping to find my dad's origins and surname if possible. My dad's name is (was) William Fred Banford and resided in Brockville, Ontario until his passing. Any suggestions? I’ve researched various avenues but to no avail thus far. Thank you.

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          Alice Lane Navigator

          Hi Gerry

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          Hopefully you can find your answers by using the following website.

          familysearch.org is free, you just need to register to use.

          Ontario Adoption and Guardianship Records • FamilySearch


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            Thomas Sherwood Newbie

            Hi Gerry,

            I have access to Ancestry.com and a couple of other sites. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. My father was adopted too and I've spent nearly 20 years learning about his family.




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              Lynn Taylor-Buccafuri Wayfarer

              I am in the same situation as you Gerry. It is so hard trying to do the research when you know nothing and then find that no one is available to ask questions or follow up to confirm what you do find. That and in my case, after 3 dna tests, I learned that my father wasn't even my biological father even though my mother let him think that. My dad raised me and my 3 older sisters on his own without mom.  I couldn't even question them because they both had passed years before I tried to test.  have you taken a dna test at all?  This was the only way for me, well after I found out the truth I had to have my sister and a cousin test their dna in order to trace my fathers family. Dad being born in 1919 didn't even know anything about his parents and ancestors because they passed away when he was around 9.  But I have found that testing their dna has helped me with leads and many of the matches have been very helpful for me. I will keep my eyes open for the names, I do remember seeing the surname of ROSE in one of our matches so it shouldn't be hard for me to remember. I am wishing you luck in your continued search.