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    Hockley page 1716 (digitization targets)


      this page does not appear to have anything to do with the text.  Perhaps you LOC folks can figure that one out!  M

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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          Hi Maddie!


          Pages 1715 and 1716 are digitization targets. These are captured during photography of the materials to ensure they are in focus and colors and details are captured accurately. Sometimes these are left in the pages when documents are published online.  You'll find them between Hockley volumes. As far as transcription goes, just mark them as "nothing to transcribe."


          Here are the 2 kinds of digitization targets you'll find between each volume in the Hockley manuscripts:

          photography target featuring many different colored squares photography target featuring black, white and grey squares and lines

          Thanks for asking!


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            So there are several astrological tables that are coming up for review now.  My question is, will these illustrated pages be included online when the project is completed?  They are being transcribed.  It seems that readers would benefit from seeing the original drawing rather than having to redraw the material from the transcriptions.  Here is an example of several:



            Just curious.


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                Lauren Algee Tracker

                Transcriptions from By the People will all eventually be published within the Libraries' digital collections, alongside the image of each page. You can see how this works for collections where we have already published transcriptions, including the Abraham Lincoln Papers (among others).


                The astrological tables you share above are a gray area, falling somewhere between an illustration and text. I agree that most future researchers would look primarily at the image rather than the transcription, however the transcriptions' primary purpose besides readability is search. If there are any terms or symbols that might be useful in finding this page, than it's probably worth transcribing.  However, Hockley's symbols are so esoteric, it's hard to say!  If I were transcribing this page I might judge the chart an illustrations and just transcribe the text in the middle and below.