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    Hockley page 1716 (digitization targets)

    Maddie Tsurusaki Wayfarer

      this page does not appear to have anything to do with the text.  Perhaps you LOC folks can figure that one out!  M

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          Lauren Algee Scout

          Hi Maddie!


          Pages 1715 and 1716 are digitization targets. These are captured during photography of the materials to ensure they are in focus and colors and details are captured accurately. Sometimes these are left in the pages when documents are published online.  You'll find them between Hockley volumes. As far as transcription goes, just mark them as "nothing to transcribe."


          Here are the 2 kinds of digitization targets you'll find between each volume in the Hockley manuscripts:

          photography target featuring many different colored squares photography target featuring black, white and grey squares and lines

          Thanks for asking!


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