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    Do you have bankruptcy records?


      I am looking for Bankruptcy Records, particularly in Arkansas in the 1950s. Do you have them?

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          Contact the National Archives at Ft. Worth ftworth.archives@nara.gov. This is the region that holds federal court records from Arkansas.

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              Kelly Osborn Tracker

              Mary is correct. Here is additional information:


              Bankruptcy and other court records that are owned by the US Court System but stored at the NARA Federal Records Centers can be ordered through OrderOnline. Most of these records are less than 25 years old. (For records more than 25 years old, please see below.)





              The site requires that you register as a user and that you pay with a credit card.


              If you prefer not to use OrderOnline, please see the state-by-state instructions for accessing bankruptcy and other court records:



              Available Records:


              Bankruptcy Cases

              Cases involve closed business and personal bankruptcy case files which can include Order of Discharge,Order of Dismissal, or Final Decree, Debtor's Voluntary Petition, and the Schedule of Original Creditors (or Trustee's Final Report).  


              Civil Cases

              Include a wide range of non-criminal legal matters such as divorce, probate, torts, real estate, contracts and business litigation. Civil matters are brought by businesses, the government, and private individuals as a means of enforcing their rights.  


              Criminal Cases

              Cases between the People of the State on one side as plaintiff, and a person or corporation on the other as defendant and involves a question of whether the defendant has violated one of the laws defining crimes.  


              Court of Appeal Cases

              Cases in which a request to a higher court is made to change the judgment of a lower court.  


              OrderOnline includes additional helpful information and FAQ's about ordering court records. If you still have questions after visiting the OrderOnline site, please use the state-by-state page given above to contact the federal records center that maintains the records for the specific state or territory where the case was originally filed.


              RECORDS MORE THAN 25 YEARS OLD (roughly 1981 and earlier)


              Bankruptcy and other court records more than 25 years old are usually owned by the National Archives and stored at NARA Regional Archives. These records are *not* available through OrderOnline. To order these records, please contact the appropriate NARA Regional Archive.


              To research a court record at a NARA Regional Archives, please visit: http://www.archives.gov/locations/regional-archives.html

              Because each court district throughout the country decides when to send records to the National Archives, there is unfortunately no hard and fast rule about the location of court records by date.