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    Seeking Homestead Application Information for Malinda Adams

    Donna Schoch-Spana Newbie

      I know this information might not be available but I thought it doesn't hurt to ask.  My mother is 85 and has been researching for 50 years.  The holy grail of her research is determining the parents of her 2nd great-grandfather, Daniel Adams.  Like many young men, he was called to serve in the Civil War and never returned.  His military records are a dead end as his company ceased doing muster rolls after 1863.  His last was listed as Present and Never Paid.  No transfer indicated.  His widow successfully applied for and received a pension.  She also obtained property through one of the homestead acts.  My mother has not been well this past year and I'm hoping there might be something ... ANYTHING ... in Malinda Adam's homestead application that may shed light on any new information for Daniel.  I submitted an NATF 84 last October but the pandemic has prohibited its processing (a copy of which is attached).  If anyone has the time to have a look for any mention of Daniel, I would be very appreciative.  No need for copies; just info.  If I have something to work with, I can continue research while awaiting formal processing of my request, along with the associated fees.  Many, many thanks!


      Adams Malinda Homestead Request natf-84