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    Seeking Marriage certificate of John Rennie & Mary Winters

    Natalie Glines Wayfarer

      I have been searching high and low for this information. I've got John Rennie of Scotland and Mary Winters born in England. They married, immigrated to America, opened a restaurant in Hoboken.


      John (M?) Rennie was born in March of 1855 in Scotland (possibly Edinburgh), to unknown parents (several options, too many John Rennies and name variants?). According to the family notes, John met Mary as a butler while she was a governess. Together they wed, perhaps in Ireland as the notes suggest, and immigrated to New York possibly between 1880 and 1883. I received official notice today from the NYC Department of Records, Municipal Archives, that there is no marriage between the two (1880-1884) in New York, boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Richmond. I also receive correspondence with someone at the Ireland National Archives who said they could not locate a marriage record prior to their departure in 1880. I should have asked about prior to 1883, so it's still very possible they married earlier or between 1880 and 1883.  Together they had seven children: Agnes, William, Katherine, Richard, Bridget, Jessie, and Thomas. John owned a restaurant in Hoboken, where his children took turns working. It is possible that John was briefly in WWI. The last record I find of John and Mary is the 1910 Census, and so their death was after 1910.


      Mary Winters was born in November of 1853 in England, to unknown parents (several options). Mary opened the family restaurant, although it was recorded in the Census as kept by her husband. Mary was a cook at the restaurant, at least in her husband’s absence. After marriage, Mary Winters apparently also went by the name Minnie Rennie. Mary was born in England of two Irish parents, and claimed to all that she was Irish. I am not sure in which country she was a governess. She spoke several languages and married below her station, for love.


      I would love to know where they married or where in England/Scotland they came from. I've got access to: Ancestry, FamilySearch, RootsIreland, Irishgenealogy.ie. Are there other sites I should be looking at? I'm sure I have not exhausted my search at these sites. I'm learning that my search methods need improvement.