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    Where can I find naturalization records?


      I'm pretty sure my family from Ireland arrived in New York in the 1890s but I don't know whether the original immigrants ever became citizens. How can I find out whether/where/when they were naturalized? Thanks!

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          The National Archives and Records Administration maintains some naturalization records, which usually consist of a petition, and sometimes, in addition a declaration of intention, and a certificate of arrival. These records may or may not contain an official certificate of Naturalization.


          Before September 27, 1906, an alien could seek citizenship through any federal, state, or local court.  To obtain copies of naturalization records before this date, you must know the court in which a person was naturalized.

          State or Local Court:

          1. Contact the court directly to obtain information about how to use its records.

          2. Your local librarian should be able to help you find the right court.


          Federal Court:

          1. Naturalization records in federal courts may still be in the custody of the U.S. District Court in which the proceedings took place.

          2. Or the records may have been transferred to one of the regional branches of the National Archives.

          3. The easiest way to order naturalization records from NARA's regional facilities is to use OrderOnline: https://eservices.archives.gov/orderonline

          To order, you must know the city or state in which the Naturalization took place. The cost is fifteen dollars ($15). Certification is an extra fifteen dollars ($15).


          If you have additional questions, you can also contact the appropriate regional facility of the National Archives. A listing of NARA's regional locations and information about their holdings may be found at: http://www.archives.gov/facilities

          For more information regarding Naturalization (Citizenship) Records from before 1906 found within NARA, please see:



          The Naturalization Records maintained by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) consist of the certificate of Naturalization and may also contain the petition for naturalization, and sometimes, in addition a declaration of intention, and a certificate of arrival.

          The USCIS has a Genealogy Program to help with family history research this is a fee-for-service program providing family historians and other researchers with timely access to historical immigration and naturalization records of deceased immigrants.

          The USCIS Genealogy Program is most helpful in providing assistance with records dated from September 27th 1906 to April 1st 1956.

          For more information please view the website http://uscis.gov/genealogy.  

          Or call the USCIC customer service number (1-800-375-5283) or contact via email at genealogy.uscis@dhs.gov