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    How do I obtain copies of documents?


      Do I have to go in person or can I order documents online?

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          There are a few ways that you can obtain copies of documents. If you are able to visit the National Archives in Washington, D.C. (Archives I) and the records you want are accessible, you can make your own copies or scans. Each National Archives facility will have their own process, therefor you should refer to their  website or contact the facility in question for more information.


          You also have the option of ordering copies online! There are forms for a select group of frequently requested records on our website at National Archives Forms. To make sure that you have enough information to order these records, or for any other records not listed, contact our reference staff. You can also contact our staff to have blank forms mailed to you.


          Please keep in mind that there are some records that cannot be copied due to preservation priorities, copyright, and donor restrictions.

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            Piggy-backing on Heather's answer, I want to mention declassification tabs.


            If you are researching in person at Archives II in College Park, you are required to show your boxes to a research room staff member before making any photocopies, scans, or taking any photographs. This is to check if your boxes need a declassification tab.


            This is a little tab that you can tape onto your scanner or photocopier (full-size sheets for photographs are also available) that says "Declassified" and the Declassification Project Number. Any time you create a copy of a document, that little slip needs to be in the image.


            This is both to protect you and the National Archives. We want people to know that you are not stealing top-secret government secrets, or that we are giving them away!


            Other NARA facilities have different procedures regarding declassification tabs. When in doubt, ask a research room staff member and they'll be happy to help you!

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