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    Seeking information about ships my dad served on


      Hi, My Dad (Walter Howard Lewis) enlisted at the age of 16 and served as a signalman on the following ships during WWII. I think they were "Liberty Ships":


      6/1942 to 6/29/1942 - SS Thomas McKean (sunk by U-boat in the Caribbean Sea) He was in a lifeboat for 5 days before being rescued.

      7/1942 to 12/1942 - SS Cities Service Koolmotor

      1/1943 to 9/1943 - SS Pearl Harbor

      9/1943 to 11/1943 - SS Chickamagua


      Also, sometime around 1999-2011 a man came to his house to record his story. My Dad died in 2014 and we have never been able to find the man who recorded his story. Is there somewhere you know of that we should look for where his story is posted? Thank you for ANY help you can give.