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    Seeking what these War Record Books are

    Dana Gee Newbie

      Hello -  I have a photo of soldiers or veterans dated Feb. 18, 1947, in line in an office, and the inscribed caption on the verso is "Distributing Haverhill War Record Books."  Are War Record Books military service records, or what is the established name for these? The photo shows men and women behind a desk, using metal file card drawers, and helping men in line presumably get theirs, they look like slim booklets or cards but I can't read the text on the cover except for "Save the Pennies." Thanks for any help. If anyone is interested, it is at haverhill.pastperfectonline.com and enter Keyword Search "military history" with quotation marks, or for just World War II, "World War II." This photo isn't uploaded yet but after 1/28/2021 you can search Keyword Search for the catalog number 31479006487796.