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    Seeking understanding fees

    Suzanne Foxley Newbie

      I have a few questions on costs & reproductions. I'm planning my own research trip (as well as possible in these times when we don't know when the Archives will be open again) and trying to figure out whether it will be faster or cheaper for me to order reproductions or fly over to the archives myself.


      1. Are you allowed to photograph material (of course no flash) at the Archives, or do you have to use the self-service reproduction facilities (with costs)?

      2. Most of my records say "5 linear inches"= 1 legal archive box. I have no idea what this entails,- 100 pages or 10 or 1000? If I order these records (digitally) how do I know how expensive the end-product will be? (Your list says 0.80$ a scan, 3.50$ per linear foot,- but surely one archive box contains more than 5 pages?)

      3. Can you in any way estimate how big a backlog of reproduction orders there already are? I know that at the German National archives they have already added another two-three months to their usual waiting time, in the National Archives, London, some staff are still present and working away in the background, so the delay is growing more gradually. What is it like with you?

      4. How long does one usually wait for reproduction to be delivered upon ordering (I have never ordered anything with you and have no reference point, even before Covid. If one usually waits half a year anyway, then it might be more sensible for me to try and hop on a plain once the Archives are open again...)

      5. Are there any other costs that would be entailed by a visit to the Archives that I may have missed? (Day fee, application fee etc.)


      I'm really sorry to bother you, but I'm working on my PhD and it's a bit troubling not to know when I can finally access these records or how much money I need to set aside for them. I look forward to any morsels of information you can give!

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          Rebecca Collier Ranger

          Dear Ms. Foxley,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          Please review NARA’s web pages titled Plan Your Research Visit. Here are responses to your questions:


          1. It depends on the NARA research room you are visiting. Please view the web page of that unit or facility for more information.
          2. One archival box contains approximately 1,000 -1,500 pages. Copying fees are based on the numbers of pages you wish copied. If they are double-sided (information on front and back of the page), then each side of a page is counted.
          3. Each NARA unit has its own backlog. Please contact that unit for more information.
          4. The length of time for a reproduction depends on what you are requesting to be copied and from which NARA unit will be fulfilling the reproduction request. Please contact that unit for more information.
          5. There are no costs for visiting a NARA research room. Some facilities have lockers for holding your personal items not allowed in the research room. There is a nominal cost for using one (usually $.25) that you receive back when you no longer need the locker.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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