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    Seeking naturalization records of Giuseppe Mingoia

    Judith Griffin Newbie

      I am attempting to find out if he did get naturalized or died as a citizen of Italy. I believe my great grandfather, Giuseppe Mingoia, who was born on  January 19, 1886 in Barrafranca, Enna Italy, applied for naturalization or filed intention but died before he completed it.  He died on February 20, 1934 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery  (Section 59M Lot 142) in Cleveland Ohio.


      He immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio on a ship SS Ancona on February 27, 1912 with his brother Salvatore and his younger brother Antonio Mingoia. According to the 1930 Census in Cleveland, Ohio, he was  listed as an Alien and he was living at 3327 104th street in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Angelina, daughters Angie & Mary (both born in Italy), Fred, Alice and Rose (all born in Ohio). His mother Maria Fratelli  immigrated to the United States at the age of 59 on August 2, 1913 from Palermo. She died on January 1, 1938 and is buried in Avon, Ohio at Holy Trinity Cemetery with her son Salvatore Mingoia who was Naturalized in 1952.