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    Are records from your catalog copyrighted?

    Kelly Osborn Tracker

      Do I need to get permission to publish images that I've found in your online catalog? Are there copyright restrictions?

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          Generally, all of the images found in the National Archives Catalog are free of copyright restrictions. However, some of them may originate from series that do contain copyrighted material. This is good to know if you're planning an in-person visit. Below are links to information about citing and publishing records from the National Archives:


          Publishing National Archives Photos


          "Citing Records in the National Archives"

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            If the "Use Restriction" in the description of the record is "unrestricted," then there should not be limits on its use. It is freely available to download from our website and can be reproduced.


            Generally, photographic and other records copied and provided by the National Archives may be published without special permission or additional fees.  The National Archives does not grant exclusive or non-exclusive publication privileges.  Copies of Federal records, as part of the public domain, are equally available to all.  A small percentage of photographs in our holdings are or may be subject to copyright restrictions.  The National Archives does not confirm the copyright status of photographs but will provide any information filed with the photograph.


            Proper credit lines are encouraged where appropriate. They also help inform the public about government additional resources that are available.


            Examples of preferred credit lines are as follows:

            • National Archives photo no. 111-B-4246 (Brady Collection)
            • National Archives photo no. 80-G-32500
            • Credit National Archives (photo no. 306-NT-186000)
            • Courtesy National Archives, photo no. 26-G-3422
            • National Archives (111-SC-202199)


            I hope that helps!

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