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    Seeking mother of Amos Bailey, Sr

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      Who is the mother of Amos Bailey, Sr., and who are his siblings and descendants?  Amos Bailey was born in Jasper Mississippi 08/22/1875 and he died approximately 1959, I believe in Mississippi. His father is George Bailey, born in Alabama in 1853 and George's family migrated to Mississippi when he was a minor, I believe. The records are confusing about who Amos's mother is and how many siblings he had, if any. I know Amos had at least 8 children, all with the surname Bailey/Baily most of whom, if not all were born in Honduras: Joshua, b: 08/02/1809; Leonore/Leolin/Leola, b: 04/21/1912; Daniel W., b: 08/12/1913; Amos Cecil, b: 10/12/1915;  Melvin, b: 10/2/1920; b: 10/12/1920 ; Melva/Melba, b: 10/12/1920, (Melvin and Melva/Melba were twins); Julia, b: 06/05/1924; Enrique/Henry/Sydney/Sidney, b: 08/23/1923.


      The mother of these children is Ethelena/Ethelyn/Ethel Hay Bailey born 08/01/1891 in Vera Cruz, Mexico and deceased 08/15/193, Hillsboro, Florida. While Ethelena Hay Bailey was born in Vera Cruz and birthed her children in Honduras, she was a U.S. Citizen and travelled to the United States on at least three occasions: 08/10/1925, aboard the #SS Yuma, from La Ceiba to New Orleans with Amos and their children; 07/01/1935 with four of her children, and, 08/03/1930 on aircraft with a possible relative, a 47 year old male, Iva Hay, from Aqua Caliente, B.C., Mexico landing in San Diego, California en route to Los Angeles, and last, aboard the #SS Delphia, from Roatan, Honduras to Tampa, Florida. The year Ethelena Hay and Amos Bailey, Sr.,were married is unknown and I have found no marriage records; I am interested in finding that document. Recently it came to my attention that Amos Sr., had more children, unknown to me. I am uncertain who these children are and whether they are the prodigy of Amos Bailey Sr., and Ethelena Hay Bailey. I have no information on their birth dates or birth locations, their surnames are Bailey/Baily as well: Bill Bailey, Cooleman Bailey, Doris and Dorothy Bailey (twins) and George Bailey.