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    What is the most interesting document you have transcribed?


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          As a 2 year combat Ranger in Vietnam, one of my Team's missions was "Operation Bright Lights". That is the recovery of downed pilots or lost infantrymen in Laos or Cambodia.

          I found the mission approval report from MACV-CCN to my Team A217-5th Special Forces-SOG and the follow up After Action report I had to file to S2/S3-CCN. It is now framed.

          I also recovered the request from the 3rd Marine's to MACV requesting 5th Special Forces SOG Team A217 recon prior to the battle of Dewey Canyon. I also found my After Action report back to MACV-CCN-S2/S3 with the report. All contained now in the National Archives and Records Admin-Vietnam records.@

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            Jamie Clark Newbie

            DOJ USP Alcatraz letterhead, dated 8.21.1935

            Addressed to Director of BOP, Washington, D.C.

            The 1st warden of USP Alcatraz has to explain to his bosses all the rumors that are being printed in national papers by the first few inmates being transferred from Alcatraz. The reason I qualify it as the most interesting is because Alcatraz had a strict policy of only-tell-the-press-the-bare-minimum and the mystery of the prison was inevitable - this document actually clarifies daily operations and discipline. It helps me as a historian at Alcatraz today set the record straight!

            Also - the original was not handwritten but it was a blurry reverse mimeograph copy that ridiculously hard on the eyes!


            To read the document, follow this link