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    Seeking records about Whiskey tax payments

    Diane Richard Newbie

      I am researching pre-20th Federal Taxes from a genealogical perspective. So, looking for the names of those who paid (and collected). For the 1st Federal tax implemented in 1791, Excise Whiskey Tax, which led to the Whiskey rebellion, did North Carolina ever pay these taxes? I see that:

      (1) NARA as records for PA, - https://catalog.archives.gov/id/5244385

      58.2.2 Records relating to taxes

      Textual Records: Assessment lists for the Pennsylvania direct tax, 1798-1800, 1815-16. Records of taxes levied on carriages, whiskey, and stills in Pennsylvania, 1793-1802. Accounts current of the Commissioner of the Revenue, 1791-1804. Minutes of the Pennsylvania Direct Tax Commission, 1815-16. Bonds of tax collectors, 1814-17.

      (2) there is a TN ledger online,  https://teva.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p15138coll35/id/431/

      (3) there are newspaper notices in NC about the tax and some of the "collectors of revenue" handling the tax are identified and yet no records that survive, as a group, for North Carolina are found in the State Archives of North Carolina nor via ArchiveGrid (private collections) for any comparable ledgers/records.


      Does anything survive documenting North Carolinians paying this 1st Federal Tax?