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    Seeking personnel records from Veterans Health Administration

    Leigh Anne Quarles Newbie

      I currently work for the VHA as an RN. I have worked in various Federal positions over the last 35 years - not concurrently and with large gaps of time between Federal employment.  I have been told by the National Personnel Records Office that my personnel records are not there.  I have also been told by my last Federal employer which was also the VA but a different facility, that my records are not there either.  It seems my records are lost.  The VA HR in Las Vegas and Salt Lake have been unable to track them down and very few of my employment records are in eOPF. This has been going on a couple of years.  Of course, it has been complicated by COVID for the last year.  Overall, I am missing about 11 years of Federal time. 


      My current HR has been working with the retirement and payroll people to try and re-create my Federal timeline but this has been going on a year and seems to be going nowhere. In the meantime, my retirement classification is KF instead of K.  I had more than five years of Federal service before 2012 so my classification should have remained a K. Is there somewhere I can go to get resolution to this problem?  I don't have a copy of all of my SF-50s, but I do have at least one from every Federal employer.  Thank you for your time.