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  • As a researcher, who has been answering questions on History Hub for over 2 years, the new History Hub is driving me crazy.  In the past week in the Genealogy section it brings up "Top Questions & Answers", some of which even on the first page are over 6 month old and later pages are over a year old.  When I click on the "all recent questions & answers" I just get the same list of old posts.  How does one get to new posts?  

  • Thanks for your comment.

    When looking at the Genealogy Overview Page, the list of "Top Questions" will show threads from all the Genealogy-related forums (general Genealogy topics, Census Records, and Immigration and Naturalization Records).

    By default, this list is sorted by most popular for the benefit of new users looking for answers to common questions. However, there are several options to filter and sort this list:

    1. Filter 1 will allow you to select which type of Questions you want displayed, such as all questions, only unanswered questions, or only questions you've participated in.
    2. Filter 2 will allow you to sort the list of Questions by Views (generally the default setting), Thread Date, Last Reply Date, Number of Replies, etc.

    3. Filter 3 will allow you to organize the list in descending or ascending order.

    If you are only interested in one of the Genealogy sub-communities, such as Census Records, Immigration and Naturalization Records, or general Genealogy, go to that forum directly.

    We hope this is helpful.

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