History Hub's Top Questions in 2023

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These were some of the top questions across History Hub’s 18 topical communities

African American Records African American Records:

Citizen ArchivistsCitizen Archivists

Court Records Court Records:

Foreign Affairs Records Foreign Affairs Records

Genealogy Genealogy

Genealogy Genealogy: Census Records

Genealogy Genealogy: Immigration and Naturalization:

Land Records Land Records

Legislative Records Legislative Records

Library of Congress CROWDsourcing Library of Congress CROWDsourcing

Military Records Military Records: Army and Air Force Records

Military Records Military Records: Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Records

Military Records Military Records: Military and Civilian Personnel Records

Native American Records Native American Records

Presidential Records Presidential Records

 Researchers Help

Technical Help and Support Technical Help and Support

Women's Rights and Suffrage Women's Rights and Suffrage