Looking for a speech from President Bill Clinton


I’m looking for a speech or public remarks that President Clinton made sometime in the mid-1990s. Are these stored chronologically somewhere? Where would I find them?

Thank you

  • Dear The Seeker,

    Thank you for posting on History Hub!  

    President Clinton’s speeches, public remarks or press releases made during his tenure in the White House can be found on our Virtual Library located at the following web address:  https://clintonwhitehouse6.archives.gov/.  Once there, you will see a list of years, just click on the year that you want.  You will then be taken to a list of months during that year, just click on the month that you want.  You will then be taken to  the speeches, public remarks or press releases made during that month and year. 

    You can also search the Public Papers of the Presidents online at the Government Publishing Office (GPO) website here:  https://www.govinfo.gov/app/collection/PPP.  Keyword searches for speeches or other public remarks can also be done on the GPO website by following the information listed here:  https://www.govinfo.gov/help/ppp#about.       

    I hope that this information helps with your research.