Where is Harry Truman's statement on flying saucers?

I found a clip on YouTube of President Truman talking to reporters about UFOs and flying saucers.  Is there a complete recording of this at the National Archives or the Truman Library?

Thank you!

  • Due to the fabulous sleuthing of a recent Truman Library researcher, we have more to add to this topic. There is a longer clip of Mr. Truman's press conference online at Historic Films.com, which gives context clues as to the location and timing of this press conference. We have been able to determine that the press conference was in Ohio (probably Cleveland) on October 3, 1958. The Truman Library does not have this footage. Now that we know the details of where and when it was recorded, we encourage you to seek out local Ohio media sources, and check with the larger newsreel libraries to see if you can find the original footage in their holdings.

    Thank you, Shepherd Johnson, for helping us to answer this question!

  • Ms. Williams,

    Thank you for following up with these additional clues. Very much appreciated!

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