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Thomas Richardson
     The mobilization of European armies in the opening months of World War I revealed the sheer size that the war would take. Armies numbering hundreds of thousands with the latest military… (Show more)
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lynette polchan
I recently received papers from NPRC that I requested and on the cover letter it states that they have placed a seal on the document to show it is authentic.  However, I do not see the seal and not… (Show more)
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Kathleen Killian
Has anyone been able to get pictures of WWII veteran military records?  I would like to locate an image of my brother and father from the military. Thanks!
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Russell Potter
I'm looking for the records of ships passing through the Panama Canal in May and June of 1941. Unfortunately, the printed "Panama Canal Record" ends in April of that year, and it's not clear from the… (Show more)
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Jill Morelli
I see references to the fire itself, but not what caused it.  Thanks.   Jill
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Kerri Young
Attached is a starter for teachers thinking of using this tablet app with students in the classroom. This is also included in the app itself.   We'd love to hear suggestions for how we can add to… (Show more)
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Mary Ann Steggles
I am conducting research for a book on Vietnam-era resisters and protesters who came to Canada - men and women.  I am looking for the list of men eligible to apply under President Ford's September… (Show more)
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