Cherokee ancestor only on 1896 Dawes Roll


My 4th grandmother was on the 1896 Dawes Roll and for some reason her name appeared on it multiple times. She was never told that the 1896 rolls were invalidated and she didn't apply again when the 1898 applications started. She was already quite old at that point and passed away in 1903. Our family didn't find out her 1896 application was invalid until it was too late. 

My grandmother's story is kind of sad. She was born around the beginning of the trail of tears in the mid 1830's in eastern Tennessee and she settled in western Arkansas near the 5 civilized tribes' territory. We only know her mother's first name, and have no other information on her or that side of her family from the eastern Cherokee territory. Because she never showed up on the 1898 or subsequent rolls and none of her descendants knew her 1896 application was invalid, there doesn't appear to be any formal connection now whatsoever to either the eastern or western Cherokee nations. For all I know, it's possible that the entire Cherokee claim is fraudulent, although if it is, it would be coincidental that she does appear on the 1896 rolls multiple times (as both her full name and her first and last name) and that she was born on traditional Cherokee land and somehow ended up so close to where the western Cherokee settled. 

I'm not a historian or very gifted at doing genealogical research. Is there any chance anyone knows any genealogists who might be able to help me look at other records or anything else to learn more about this side of my family? Any referrals, thoughts or suggestions would be so very much appreciated. 

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