Bakers roll

How can I find out if the name on the Baker Roll is kin to me.

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    The National Archives at Washington D.C. holds custody of Microfilm Publication: The 1928 Baker Roll and Records of the Eastern Cherokee Enrolling Commission, 1924-1929. (M2104), or what is more commonly referred to as the "Baker Roll". These records have been digitized and are available online. For information about these resources, please consult our webpage Please note that researchers can access these online resources free of charge from any NARA facility.

    At the start of the Baker Roll there is an an index which researchers can search. Once you are able to narrow down a name and roll number there will be a section relating to applications. The applications will oftentimes provide useful information relating to the a person's description and ancestral history. (For more information: Baker Roll, 1924 - 1929 | National Archives) From there you will want to follow context clues that might matches information you may already know about your ancestor.

    We hope this assists you with your research!

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