Looking for grandparents on Choctaw Roll

My sister and I recently found our mothers hand written note detailing her family and their  roll numbers. We were told growing up we were Cherokee but her note indicates Choctaw. Family members were very tight lipped and didn’t provide information about their lives. My mother’s name is Opal Ruth Lewis (Married Name: Holland). Her father is: Lee Roy Lewis. Her mother is: Willie Lewis. Her grandfather is: James T Haais and her grandmother is Rosa Harris. My mother’s parents and grandparents are buried at Pooleville Cemetery in Pooleville OK. My mother Opal Ruth Holland and dad (Cole Holland) are buried in Ardmore OK. The uploaded handed written note was written by my mother apparently late 1980s when my father returned from California to Oklahoma. My sister Joann had no idea she was in possession of this note until last week when we assisted her in moving from Seattle to Denver. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Michael Holland

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