Info on each chief red wings

My great great grandfather was Chief Red Wing.  I am trying to find out which one of the Chief Red Wings he is.  I know they had other names too.  It may be possible my great great grandfather was called Wacouta Shooter. 

I have a copy of the marriage certificate of his son.  He was born in 1855 in Brooklyn, NY.  His name was Robert.

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  • Hi Valerie.

    I have some intriguing info on Red Wing.

    I'm born in Liverpool, England.

    My dads grandmother was Margaret A Wing. She was married to Robert Wing, born abt 1856. His father was 'Read Wing' which could easily be Red Wing and had a profession of Indian Chief from Brookland, USA. Margaret and Robert had 7 children - 1901 England Census. I have a copy of the marriage certificate for Robert and Margaret and the 1901 Census details. Mike

  • Hi Mike,

    I Think I wrote to you a few years ago.  I am in touch with Lorraine who you have had contact with also.  Many people in our family had pictures of Red Wing but they all seem to have disappeared over the years.  I saw the picture myself which an Aunt showed me many many years ago.  Unfortunately, no longer with us.  My main aim is to try and find out which Red Wing he was as there was several Chiefs.  Not sure it is going to be possible though as I have tried many ways of finding out.  I could probably do with travelling to Minnesota to their research Library.

    the info I have on your line is Margaret Ann born 10.4.1883, no death date.  Baptized 16.4.1883, St. Peter’s Liverpool.  Married Michael Redmond 15.6.1913, St. Mary’s Kirkdale.  I have no birth or death dates.  Any info you have in your line would be appreciated.


  • Hi Val

    It was my sister Caroline you had contact with.

    I have a cousin on my mums side who is a genealogy buff and I'll tap her up to research the English side of the family.

    I can tell you that Michael John Redmond was shot by a sniper in the trenches in WW1. He never met my grandfather (his son). I have some docs, service record and newspaper clipping.

    I have some questions? Which native American tribe did Red Wing belong too? Where abouts exactly does this part of the family come from and is there a 'family tree' already in place for your branch of the family?

    I'm happy to share docs with you.


  • Hi Mike,

    I believe our ancestors were Sioux.  I wrote to a Karin Eagle and she said the Red Wing family are predominately from the Santee tribe in North eastern Nebraska, but there is also Mdewakanton Sioux from Minnesota.  The problem is there were several Chiefs and they also had other names.

    We believe the first Red Wing was Tatankamani (walking buffalo) born in Md village, Minn.

    Had a son who was too ill to take over after his death.  We think Wabash (red wing) took over.  He was brother of Tatankamani.

    Next Wacouta (wakute) shooter.  We think he could be our grandfather but cannot prove he had a son, who would be Robert.

    I am not on Ancestry, only when I go to the Library.  I had my DNA done and I know a Redmond showed up on the list of matches.

    I am on Family Search.

    I have the family tree mostly on paper at the moment.  My grandfather was William, third son of Roberts.  He died in France.  He married an Elizabeth Free.

    Many people in our family had pictures of Red Wing, which I saw myself many years ago.  As often happens, nobody has a picture now which is sad.


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  • Hi Valerie, I too am meant to be a great great granddaughter of redwing, my grandmothers name was rhaune her birth name was Frederica rhaune a.j. pulvernes, her mothers name was jenny sky, she was half Tuscarora native American and apparently a daughter of a redwing which we thought was the apsaroke crow redwing but I don't think that was correct as all the info I found has nothing to do with him so am strongly thinking it is the mdewatankon as in one of my grandmothers letters to my mother she writes a little bit in the native language which is Lakota Sioux. My grandmother has passed away a long time ago and we didn't talk to her much so the info we got from her is very limited, my grandmothers father was a Russian business man and him and jenny sky lived in England where my grandmother was born in 1919 jenny passed away 2 days after my grandmother was born, my grandmother was left in an orphanage for about 4 yrs apparently until a woman took her to her paternal grandmothers to live.  I have a few more details but as yet I cannot find a birth certificate of my grandmothers with definite names on it, I am getting my English uncle and aunt to track one down.

  • Hi michael redmond i think i am related to u as u have just wrote everythin i have in relation to red wing !

  • I have a bit on red wing and have found robert wing in the local museum who fought in ww1 (liveerpool) alot of the paperwork had got damaged from the war so it is hard to find actual.details of others but with the posts i have read above we seem to be related to the same person

  • Hi Valerie & Mike we are definitely related. My Great Grandfather was William, his daughter Ivy is my Grandmother who married William McAlister, Douglas being their forth child, is my dad. I am in the middle of following all my lines through Ancestry. I have a lot of info of the Wing line up to Read/Red Wing. Just wanted to know where you fitted in Mike? I have Robert Wing 1855-1904 Married Margaret Ann (Shaw) 26 Jan 1881 at St John Baptist, Toxteth Park. They had 8 children: Henry, 8 May 1881-1961, Married Elizabeth (Corcoran - could also been known as Lizzie) children, William - 1912 and Maria Jane (Marry) - 1910. Robert, 10 Apr 1883 - 3 Sep 1917 (Fireman & Trimmer, SS 'La Negra' Killed as a result of an attack by an enemy submarine) Married Margaret Ann (Hart) 1914, children Robert 1914 (died 3wk old) Thomas Henry 1916-1978, Margaret Elizabeth 1917 (died 13 days old). William 1886 - 3 Jul 1916 (Killed in action, Battle of Somme) Married Elizabeth (Free also known as Lily) 20 Jun 1908, Children, Lilian 1909 (died) William Henry 8 Jul 1910, Ivy 19 Apr 1912 - Jan 1977, Lily 4 Dec 1914 - 3 Jul 1988, Elsie 1916 (died 8 months old) Elizabeth remarried Alfred Peters 1918 and they had Dorothy 27 Dec 1919. Thomas 1889 (Died month old). Mary Jane 14 Nov 1890 - Mar 1979, Margaret Ann 1893 - 1968, Ellen 17 Jan 1896 (Married name George Turton), children, Davis? (could be Mavis), Robert, Margaret & Stanley. Thomas Joseph 13 Dec 1899 - 28 Oct 1963. Some of your dates don't add up to mine Valerie, so would love to catch up and compare our searches. I found it sometimes confusing because of all similar names of Robert, William, Elizabeth & Margaret Ann!!  Would also love if you could fill any holes in or add any info. I still have a bit of searching to do, not done by any means. Would also love to keep in touch with finding the Native American line, maybe help each other, rather than repeating same searches. Jenny who commented above is also my sister. x

  • Hi, my name is Joan Wing. My father was Thomas Henry Wing. His mother was Margaret Ann Hart. His father was Robert who was killed on the SS Lanegra. I have his death penny if you would like a photograph to go with your findings. I also have a copy of the marriage certificate of Margaret Ann Shaw and Robert Wing 1881 with Roberts father's occupation stating Indian Chief (deceased). Really interesting to read the comments we must all be related, if I can help at all I will. Thanks