Seeking Clarice Martin on Cherokee rolls

I'm looking to find my maternal ggrandmother's name or her parents name listed anywhere on Native American records in Snow Creek, NC area and surrounding areas (maybe VA). I grew up knowing her to be Cherokee (and my mother and my grandmother as well). My great grandmother was called Clarice Martin (born Morton) of Stokes county NC. She passed in the early 1990s. Her mother's name was Rose, Rosa, Rosie King or Cayton(?). There's a possibility of adoption and surnames are unknown other than the two listed. I do know she lived in North Carolina (Possibly Danbury area in adult hood).  She passed in the 1960s. My grandparents all grew up rather poor and grandfathers were all tobacco farmers.  Unfortunately my great grandmother never cared to sign papers that we know of as she would mention that, she didn't use banks for her money, she didn't ever tell her birthdate year to us and she even didn't like to take photos.(though we did get some anyway!). She was a very private person and so therefore it is so very difficult to find out much as her mother was said to be the same. My mother has very fond memories of them both(I one) and it's well known to be said we're Cherokee. But anything Native can really be in the table, I suppose. I've tried for years and always come up short of anything. Any help at all I'd would be so very appreciative. Thank you