USS Hunter Liggett passenger list between 1938-1942 Grandfather Capt Navy during WWII my mother Catherine O'Brien, her sister Margaret O'Brien and their Mother Harriet O'Brien Grandfather was Thomas F. J. O'Brien. Traveled from New Yor

   My mother Catherine L. O'Brien traveled with her sister Margaret O'Brien on the USS Liggett.   Their mother was Harriet O'Brien wife of Capt Thomas F. J. O'Brien stationed in Hawaii they lived in Honolulu.   My mother and her sister traveled back to the US via San Francisco and New York in September 7th 1940 for my mum's wedding on Oct. 21, 1940  this photo shows my Mum Catherine her sister Margaret and what looks like their mother Harriet.  So do not know if this is when they all first joined my grandfather in Hawaii or their return for my Mother Catherine's wedding.   Would like to find ship manifest for both journeys they took.  Any help to point me in the right direction would be amazing.  this is them in Honolulu.   This is solo image of my grandfather Thomas F. J. O'Brien