Father, Joseph Edward Weston, served in US Navy in Ww2. Would like to know what ship he served on and build a model kit for the grandchildren

Father, Joseph Edward Weston, served in US Navy in Ww2. Would like to know what ship he served on and build a model kit for the grandchildren

From Ga, served in Hawaii.

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  • Thank you river..! I found a few muster rolls with the name of Edward Weston, but they did not have a middle initial, and due to not knowing his Naval service number/id, I did not want to just "guess" that this might be him. I am going to try and contact the Naval station over in Hawaii, and see if they are able to direct me to anyone possibly from an archives dept or other to see if they could assist me in trying to find any status/depployment/station info of your father's service. I used to work for a civillian defense contractor for almost 20 years of whom the US Navy was our customer,  until I had to resign from my position last year in order to take care of my other half who suffered a severe stroke back in April of last year, and of whom I am still providing care for. I had to learn in those 2 decades to be able to speak to anyone and eveyone, no matter their ranking, so making a phone call such as this would not even be a second thought. Will provide the info you gave me thus far, and let us see if they are, or are not, able to direct myself, or both of us, a path to follow.

    - Dea

  • Thanks so much for your help. My old brain gets confused as to what avenues to follow for information.  Like many vets, he never said much about his service. I do know he was at Pearl Harbor, I believe, after the attack.  He may be listed as Joseph E. Weston, Joe E. Weston or Joe Weston.  Someone in the family had done a pretty in depth family tree at obe point but we were unable to locate it and the family is all gone now. Again, thank you so much. It really is appreciated. 

    Sincerely, Keith Weston 

    • Not sure if my reply from yesterday went through or is waiting to be moderated. Thanks so much for responding and helping as it has been confusing trying to navigate other avenues. He may be listed under
    • Joseph E. Weston ,
    • Joe E. Weston, or
    • Joe Weston.                                                                                                           I do know he has used each variation previously. Years ago someone in the family had done a family tree in which some military records were there, one I think was a letter from someone, admiral, sec of navy or the president thanking him for his service but, have failed to find it due to those family members are now long gone. Thank you again for all your help. I'd be lost without your assistance. 
  • Oh, haha no worries about the brain confusion in the least, I myself have just started to approah mid age I guess you would call it, and I have my "fuzzy" moments too...so I understand fully! I contacted one of the depts over at Oahu's station, sounded like a very young man, and almost sounded green in regards to his time in, and know how of what I was trying to ask... we all have been "new" somewhere before, s I understood, and when he said he wasn't sure if they had a historian there or otherwise, I let it go, and thanked for the help nonetheless.

    If possible, I'm going to see about getting a hold of one further area/dept in regards to your father, the Navy especially, is very guarded (and understandably so) with people in general asking for information, sometimes even from the past, as they do not the "motive(s)" of the caller asking for the assistance. t's unfortunate that it is so, that there are as many shady fools out there in this world now, that people like you and  I are kind of lumped in with the others, when our intentions are nothing less than noble. Even the young man I spoke with was very guarded, even with his answers, etc. Same with the moment I spoke with a US Air Force base when I was trying to ask if they had any information on veterans of the AF after their discharge in their records that would be able to open to the public. Had let the airman know I had acquired a WWII/Korean grouping of a man who had been in combat in WWII, and Korea. Gave him the birthdate, name,  the aviator's AF number (his wallet humbly enough came along with the grouping alongside his leather jacket, medals, and documents) and date of his entering service. He was able to confirm from the aviator's Serv ID that all the info was legit, but that they did not hold any information like I thought they would say, after the Airman had left the military. Was very "one word/few word answers" when I was going over everything with him. Very polite, very business and direct. As it should be though.

    I did find a tiny newspaper article mentioning your father, and about how he was working at PH in an office or so, and then returned to Albany to flat out enlist. Would you like me to add that small clipping here for you..?

    - Dea

  • That would be great if you can send it to me. My sister had some info at one point, being an army family, (retired) having moved so many times in the state's and Europe she hasn't been able to track down anything and feared it's been lost in one of their many moves. We found an old photo of him and uncle at Pearl Harbor but no time and date wrote on it. Thanks again, Keith

  •     Here it is Keith..! Will look to see if I can find anything else alongside...don't think there was, at least with the papers on the site I am part of, but shall loo again, just to make sure.

  • Sorry, just wanted to ask if you know what his rank might have been..Seaman 1st or 2nd class.... S2 that is..a Yeoman...etc?

  • I'm really not sure but will see what I can find out. Is there a machinist 1st class? Don't know why, but it rings a bell.

  • Hello river...!

    I found a couple musters with the name minus the "E", only thing is is that the only ranking they show is of a S1 or S2.....didn't think that there would be a few Westons out there, but there were more than I had assumed ...

  • Good morning Dea, I really had no idea in regards to rank. I wouldn't have thought so many Westons either. I know he had a brother in the Navy. Jesse Earl Weston, I believe he was mostly in the Atlantic,  but was in the pacific for a short time while my father was there. He had 2 older brothers, different last name. They're both gone. One had children who have both passed. The other I've never met but he had children who I know nothing about. Trying to track them down to seei f they have any family history. I'm not having any luck with the family knowing anything either. I've talked with my sister and all the grandkids and they are also in the dark. I will certainly keep digging. I can not express how grateful I am for your help. I realize and appreciate all your time and research you have done.