Alternate method other than OMPF from NARA to find information any information on my fathers ship and/or service in WWII.

Thomas Clayton Stephens (dob 1/1918) served in the Pacific 1944-45. Is there information on the Notice of Separation (navpers-553) that might provide a clue(s) to his service? Form Box 24 shows:"USNTC, Ferragut, Idaho / U.S. Naval Station, Navy No. 3149 / Sumar P.I.". I have requested records through NARA twice in the last year. Due to Covid , they can only provide the separation. I'm hesitant to add to the workload by ordering repeatedly.

  • Karen  Thomas Clayton Stevens Jr S# 929 29 99 is shown on commissioning crew muster rolls for LST 967 (redesignated USS ULYSSES ARB 9) in April 1944)  on various dates in 1944 and 1945.  A fairly complete service history is found on Wikipedia search for Ulysses ARB-9)

    A photograph of Ulysses is found at

     Brad Davidson

  • Thank you Ernest for the reply. I should have included his serial number. My father, Thomas Clayton Stephens, serial number 880-82-58.. With the exception of his dates of service I have not been able to locate any other information. Thanks again!


    Thank you for posting your question on History Hub in regards to your father’s service in World War II!

    We do encourage you to continue to request your father’s OMPF, as it will be the most complete picture of his service. 

    We suggest that in Section II, on the line for "Other" (Specify), write "Complete copy of every page of personnel file - not an extract."

    The issue when trying to use a Report of Separation to learn more about someone’s military service can be that they sometimes list the last unit assigned prior to separation, which is likely not the unit the veteran served with during combat.  And for others, they may list a number of assignments from training to the last unit assigned, but do not associate dates with those assignments. 

    We have undergone a broad search for Thomas Clayton Stephens in our holdings. Although it is difficult to say for sure, without the full OMPF to cross reference, a “Thomas Clayton Stephens Junior” was serving aboard the USS Ulysses (ARB-9) (also known as LST-967) during 1944-1945, which might be your father. 

    If you believe that is your father, we have a variety of records that might help shed additional light on your father’s service, such as Deck Logs, Muster Rolls, and War Diaries. 

    Deck Logs are a brief record of the daily administrative activities of a ship. It includes journal-style entries of the ship's administrative activities; location and course of travel; disciplinary procedures; and any unusual events. We are able to make reproductions of Deck Logs for a fee. Please note that our current fee for paper reproduction or digital transfer copies is $0.80 per page with a minimum mail order fee of $20.00. If you would like to order these, please send an email to  

    Muster Rolls are quarterly lists of enlisted naval personnel formally attached to each ship, station, or other activity. Muster rolls typically contain the surname, given name, and middle initial of each individual, as well as their rating (occupational specialty), service number, and the date the individual reported to the activity (date reported on board). Muster rolls sometimes also include the day, month, year, and place of enlistment. 

    The Muster Rolls of the LST-967 can be found online here:

    The Muster Rolls of the USS Ulysses can be found online here: 

    War Diaries usually provide a day-to-day record of operational activities and sometimes administrative activities as well. The quality of the diaries varied widely, with some providing detailed accounts, while other diaries contain only cursory information. 

    You can find the War Diaries of the USS Ulysses here: 

    We hope this assists you with your research! 


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  • Thomas Clayton Stevens (Stephens) Jr. is NOT my father, that person has a serial number beginning with #9.. .My father, Thomas Clayton Stephens serial number is 880-82-58, he entered service 5-3-44 in Los Angeles, Selective Service Board was in Bakersfield, Kern County, California.  With the exception of  information shown on the separation I have not been able to locate any other information. He served in the Pacific 1944-45 and appears to have been in the reserves prior to that for several years. Thank you for the information on OMPF, I I don't want to burden the system with duplicate requests that need to be responded to with the Separation. Past responses sent the separation as the most "pertinent" document . NARA  advised that they are unable to respond to non-emergency requests to focus on veterans and their families requests.. It was suggested to watch for an announcement on the website regarding status and acceptance of non-emergency requests. Any information on additional resources would be appreciated.