Marine air warning squadrons during world war 2

Looking for information on Marine Air Warning Squadrons in WW2, specifically 1st Marine Air Warning Group, AWS 4 and AWS 12. Looking for muster roles, unit diaries and information on the different types of duties performed 


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    This is in response to your inquiry to the National Archives regarding your request for  a reproduction of the War Diaries for1st Marine Air Warning Group, specifically AWS-4 and AWS- 12  during the World War 2 era.

    We were able to locate records related to your request within the following Record Group:

    Record Group 127: Records of the United States Marine Corps

    Series: U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Unit War Diaries & Unit Histories, 1941-1949, Marine Aircraft Wings

    Entry Number: A1 1053

    Box: 17 

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    In reference to your inquiry regarding AWS-12 we have conducted a search for the records you seek, but we have been unable to locate any responsive records. Any other information, if it is there at all, is dispersed elsewhere among the records and finding it  will require more detailed research than we are staffed to provide. We regret that we cannot assist you further as records within our current holdings.

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