I found a picture of Marine Corps platoon that I believe was my grandfather's platoon. There are no identifying names on the photo. Any way I can search for this platoon and have servicemen identified?


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    To locate a list of names we recommend reviewing the unit's Muster Rolls. However, this will not assist with identifying which name belongs to the individuals in the photograph. US Marine Corps Muster Rolls/Personnel Diaries from 1798 through 1958 are available in digital form and can be viewed online via  http://www.ancestry.com. There may be a fee for this service. Or you may view these records online at one of NARA's facilities for free via ALIC. For the nearest NARA location, please consult our web page at http://www.archives.gov/locations/. Additionally, you may check with your local public or university library as these institutions often provide access to Ancestry.com.


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