Deck Log for USS Kitty Hawk CVA 63 in Vietnam between 1963 - 1964

I am trying to find the Deck Log for the USS Kitty Hawk CVA 63 during our 1963 - 1964 tour. We gave air support to the Marines in Vietnam. V1 Division was my division. My name is James Daniel Bishop. Some ship mates were JD Holt and JP Holt, Tiny Alexander, Doug Betteral

  • I was on Hawk during that time. On 2 june '64 we were about 45 miles off Nam steaming 270 at 10 knots until 1515 the we started maneuvering . At this time we crossed the 12 mile limit line. We had pilots down over laos . One pilot was returned to Hawk by via helo which would have had  to refuel in Nam and thus brought agent orange aboard ship. During this time at sea we hosted ground forces from Nam aboard but they were isolated from the crew. for a day or 2. Our mission was classified Ultra Secret. The president had to agree for our rescue of pilots in Laos . I worked in the Missile launchers as an MT2, I saw the coast from the launcher deck. George Miller.

  • Gkmskm  -  I would like to discuss further your findings re Kitty /Hawk on 2 June 64.  Please click on my profile name and click "Connect" so we can establish email connection. 


    Ernest Davidson

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