Looking for deck logs onboard USS MOUNT VERNON (LSD-39) for 1979

Looking for the deck logs of the ship for Kangaroo Three WESPAC 1979


    Thank you for posting on the History Hub! 

    This is in response to your inquiry to the National Archives related to the Navy Deck Logs of the USS Mount Vernon (LSD-39) for dates in 1979.

    The 1979 - 1983  Deck Logs are on microfiche and each month is two microfiche sheets, except October 1979 is three sheets. We can provide you with a price quote for ordering copies of those records. Our current fee for microfiche copies is $12.00 per sheet with a minimum mail order fee of $20.00. Therefore, 25 sheets would cost $300.00 for copies. You may want to limit the number of months you are requesting. 

    If you would like to order reproductions of the requested year or just certain months, send us an email at archives2reference@nara.gov stating which months are of interest, that you are aware of the cost and would like an official price quote. Please do not send a check or money order until you have received a price quote. We would also need a mailing address and phone number to create a price quote. Allow 30-60 days for delivery.

    Otherwise, by providing us the name of the ship or unit involved in the incident, a description of your researched incident(s) and the name of any individuals involved, and a date or the date range in which the incident occurred not to exceed one month, we can conduct a records review search on your behalf and provide up to 25 complimentary page scans of just those relevant pages to your research.

    These records are available in our College Park, MD reading room. If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact archives2reference@nara.gov to start the virtual consultation process. You could also hire a researcher to conduct research on your behalf. A list of independent researchers can be found on our webpage: https://www.archives.gov/research/hire-help

    We invite you to continue the conversation with community members on History Hub, but again, please email us directly at archives2reference@nara.gov so that we can assist you further. 

    We hope this assists you with your research! 


    Textual Reference Archives II Branch (RR2RR)

    RR2RR 23-65920-PC