Deck Logs USS Darter SS-576 Jun 1971- Mar 1972?

Anyone have the Deck Logs for USS Darter (SS-576) from Jun 1971- Mar 1972? WestPac deployment during this period.

  • It does not appear that 1971 or 72 Darter logs are available online at NARA yet.  But we do have the VA data for Darter position reports for 71 & 72  and plotted information is shown below.  If the inquiry is related to AO exposure, there is nothing of value in the first image.  HOWEVER the second image shows Darter in the territorial waters of Guam on 3 November of 71 at 0800 which would also confirm AO exposure under the recently passed PACT Act rules.  If your records show you onboard on that date and you provide that date to VA, it should be sufficient for claim evidence purposes.  You could send a printout of the 2nd image with your claim, but VA already has the as yet unpublished log images.

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  • Thank you!  This answers Darter location during Ops at Yankee Station.  I also found the Darter Command History for 1971 which shows Darter in port at Guam between 31 Oct and 3 Nov which lines up with the second image.

  • Just an addendum, you probably already know that the submarine logs are usually missing any info about classified operations.  That data is also not in the VA database.  Several of the National VSO's are working to get that info released but I wouldn't hold my breath.



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    To determine if U.S. Navy ship deck logs are digitally available we recommend visiting the National Archives online Catalog. By searching for the name of the ship and the year of interest within the "Search within this Series" search bar you can easily identify if the deck logs are digitally available.

    If you are requesting U.S Navy Deck Logs in relation to a VA Claim, the VA may be able to provide direct assistance with information relating to deck logs. The Department of Veterans Affairs maintains the original set of the U.S. Navy Deck Logs digital images for the years 1956 through 1978.  


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