I am trying to determine if Edwin Henderson Lombard, who is interred at Old Howard Cemetery in Sutton, MA (Find A Grave memorial 222904362) is a Navy Veteran of the WWII era.

Edwin Henderson Lombard was born 12 March 1911 in Springfield, MA.  He died 2 June 1986 in Monterey, CA.

On Ancestry I have found U.S. Naval records that list (among many others) a Lt. Edwin H. Lombard and a Lt. Cmdr. Edwin H. Lombard which have 1911 as the year of birth but are are otherwise inconclusive as to whether this is the same Edwin Lombard.


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  • Ross

    I went on Ancestry & saw a Family Tree that detailed some of the accomplishments in his life & decided to do some searching in the newspapers on GenealogyBank & Newspapers.com. I initially thought that he had not served but I believe I have followed the correct "Edwin H Lombard" & according to the newspapers, he did serve in the US Navy Reserve, was attached to a Marine Division & was quite active in the Pacific.

    .  I am going to attach some articles (there are many in the papers) as these seem to mention various identifiers in his life & accomplishents so you can track the man from Springfield MA across the country & back to Sutton MA - to make sure we have the correct man

    Madison Eagle (Madison NJ) Aug 27 1936 p. 5 - Marriage

    Cleveland Plain Dealer (OH) Mar 23 1941 p. 19 - taught at Hiram College

    Evening Vanguard Nov 13 1946 (Venice CA) p. 2

    - Some problems with this article - he wasn't "on duty" in Japan - he was a kid -his dad was there as a professor - (this is mentioned in a later article) there are also US Consular Applications on the Family Tree on Ancestry - not sure what he was doing attached to a Marine Division - maybe a translator as he had lived in Japan?

    The Fresno Bee (CA) Aug 11 1947 p. 9

    Miami Herald Oct 26 1953 p. 11

    The Fresno Bee July 13 1986 p. 71

    Surprised they didn't mention his military service!   Did I follow the right man?  What do you think?


  • P.McG,

    Thank you for the extensive research and accessing/sending these newspaper articles.
    He was born Edwin Prescott Henderson, Jr. son of Jane Elizabeth (Whitley) and Edwin Prescott Henderson, Sr.  His mother died when he was 4.  His father died when he was 6.  He and sister Eleanor were adopted by Alice Goodrich (Ward) & Frank Alanson Lombard.  He went to Japan with his adoptive parents.
    Recently I contacted Rev. Ed Hanson, the person who created the Find A Grave memorials for his birth parents, asking if he had any information to confirm Lt. Comdr. Edwin H. Lombard and Edwin Henderson Lombard to be the same.  Turns out that Rev. Hanson is a first cousin two generations removed and had the information to confirm his military service and details about his education and the professional work of Dr. Lombard, Ph.D.  I have added the information to his Find A Grave memorial.
    Equally important, Edwin Henderson Lombard has been added to the Veterans' Honor Roll for Sutton and a marker and flag have been placed at his burial site prior to Memorial Day - which was the purpose of my inquiry.
    Thank you again for the information.  I'll download each and send them to the Past Commander of our local American Legion post who manages the Honor Roll.
  • Ross,

    So happy to hear he will be honored.  For people that are interested there are more mentions in the papers & I think another picture - none in uniform. Also I believe pictures of his wife.  The Consular records make more sense now hearing that he was adopted & went to Japan with his adoptive parents as he refers to him as his guardian in the papers.  For someone that was dealt a rough hand early in life,he really had an amazing life with all he accomplished.