Seeking my Marine Corps Reserve Retirement Credit report

I need to find a Marine Corps Reserve Retirement Credit report for a loan on a house. I was recently asked to provide more proof of service for a home loan. I provided my DD-214 and the honorable discharge certificate. They said that I can provide a "Reserve Retirement Credit Report" as further proof of service for the loan and that I could find it here but I haven't had any luck so far finding it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Rebecca, I came across this thread as I am also looking to find a copy of my Annual Retirement Credit Report from my time in the Marine Corps Reserve. 

    For context, I was in the Reserves from 2012-2018. I reenlisted into the Army in 2021 and am now active duty. I tried to access my information through MOL regrading your comment above but it seems my MOL data has been pretty well removed. 

    Is there another way you recommend where I can find this information? 

    Thank you for your help!