Need proof that USS Inchon was within 12 NM of Vietnam - Deck logs


I am trying to help my father get proof that his ship the USS Inchon was off the coast of Haiphong Harbor 1972 -1973, but the US Navy has no records that the Inchon was there. I have photos, but I need deck logs or something to help my dads Comp Case with the VA.

  • I do not want to get your hopes up, but the December 1972 Inchon Deck Log is online at NARA.  We made a quick read through it, and in the last week of December 1972 Inchon was returning from Singapore to the Gulf of Tonkin where she presumably took up her mine sweeping duties.

    The route from Singapore to the Gulf of Tonkin requires a  sweeping arc north along the coast of South Vietnam.  We did a quick plot of the daily position reports but did not find any that fell within the "coastal waters" designated as presumed AO exposed.  However,  on several occasions on the afternoon and evening of December 31, Inchon was reported as close as 2.5 nautical miles from the AO presumed exposure zone. (See below image of approx track in yellow. Exposure zone in red.)

    Note - The long straight yellow line is simply a direct line between two position reports and does NOT take into account course changes between those two points.

    To get evidence of her actually crossing the line, we will need to very carefully do what is known as "dead reckoning" plot which does take into account all of the various course and speed changes and plots any crossings into the zone in between the 4 daily position reports.  This will take several days and perhaps a week to do.  If we find she did enter the zone we will prepare a detailed analysis of the track and the entry point(s)  suitable for submitting to VA as evidence of exposure.  We will post it here at History Hub, but if you will email me at [Moderator Note:  Personal email removed. See How To: Contact Another User for instructions on contacting another user.] I can keep you updated that way as well.

    Again, please do not get your hopes to far as it is a long shot at best.  And even if it does prove out, VA does not always accept dead reckoning evidence and it might require a lengthy appeal and the assistance of VA accredited veterans law attorney to push it through.  And even then perhaps unsuccessful.

    Patience please and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Ernest (Brad) Davidson

    LT USN

    USS Brinkley Bass DD887  1969-73

  • I was a pilot in HMH 463 during OPeration EndnSweep. The USS Inchon was not in Singapore during this operation. We were based at Cubi Point Subic Bay Philippines. There was one trip to Taiwan. I was on the first flight with our XO towing the "orange mop." We flew from south to north inside the harbor 1/2 mile from shore.

    Capy Patrick King USMC

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