Need proof that USS Inchon was within 12 NM of Vietnam - Deck logs


I am trying to help my father get proof that his ship the USS Inchon was off the coast of Haiphong Harbor 1972 -1973, but the US Navy has no records that the Inchon was there. I have photos, but I need deck logs or something to help my dads Comp Case with the VA.

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  • Stephanie,

    Please copy and paste case law into your computer.

    Its states that from basically 2004-2008 attempts were made by the VA to obtain those records from NARA. It further states the following from the VA case law determining compensation. Anytime you see (RO) it refers to the VA Regional Office. The information highlighted in bold letters are directly from the particulars of the individuals case.

    "In February 2004, the U. S. Naval Historical Association stated

    that the logs from the USS Inchon had been transferred to the

    National Archives and Records Administration, Modern Records

    Branch in College Park, Maryland.  The U. S. Naval Historical

    Association noted that any questions concerning the existence and

    availability of such records should be directed to that agency".

    "In November 2007 the RO requested the deck logs from the USS

    Inchon for the months of June and July 1973 from the National

    Archives and Records Administration".

    " In October 2008, the National Archives and Records Administration informed the RO that they did not receive the 1973 deck logs when the records were accessioned into the National Archives. The deck logs went missing during the transfer process".

    "The command history for the USS Inchon noted a June 18, 1973

    arrival at Haiphong Harbor Roadstead for minesweeping operations. 

    A June 26, 1973 note indicated that the USS Inchon went enroute

    to an area off Vinh, Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) for

    minesweeping operations. 

    On July 6, 1973, it shifted anchorage to vicinity Hon-La, DRV,

    for minesweeping operations, and then on July 12, 1973, it

    anchored in Haiphong Roadstead for control of C-130 aircraft

    enroute to and from Cubi Point Naval Air Station.

    A command chronology from January 1, 1973 to June 30, 1973 for

    the Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463, Marine Aircraft Group

    24 1st Marine Brigade, Fleet Marine Force, made no mention of

    coming under fire during that period. The Board notes that

    records for July 1973 were not provided".

    I would re-ask NARA what the basis for the missing June-July 1973 deck logs and if their was an investigation into the missing so called 1973 deck logs for the USS Inchon. Plus I would request other months to determine if the whole 12 months of 1973 for the USS Inchon are missing.

    I would then note and refer to trying to obtain the USS Inchon

  • Elliot Schneider    Just as a side note  -  It sounds as if the referenced VA claim is related to agent orange exposure.  Presumed AO exposure is only granted by VA if the vessel/veteran was within coastal waters waters of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).  Presence off the coast of The Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). would NOT be "presumed exposed" to AO..  It still possible (but much more difficult) to present a  "direct exposure" vs a "presumed exposure" claim.   You would definitely need the assistance of a VSO or VA certified veterans claims attorney. to have a reasonable chance of a successful claim.

    Ernest Davidson

    Former LT USN

    USS Brinkley Bass DD887 1969-73

    8 yrs public service experience locating & researching over 8,000 deck logs